Let The Blog-Off Begin!

And so the madness begins! I’m thrilled to announce that a wonderful 17 people joined in to blog against breast cancer. I could not be more excited. That means that even taking out half of the entry fee for the grand prize, we’ve still raised $90. How awesome is that?

I know a lot of people have been asking if they can see a list of the entrants in order to follow along and I would be more than happy to oblige. Without further ado, meet your blog-off contestants!

Just Another Week
The Adventures Of Chris & Evey
Write On Track
With A Turn And A Twist, She Gets Her Wish
durante vita
Speaking Quite Franke
When Tara Met Blog
Sandra’s Goings On
Joe & Sherry
Dirka Dirka
Super Duper Fantastic
Suburban Princess
Motivated Motion
Yellow & Orange
Have Fun Storming The Castle!

If you want to help out in the fight against breast cancer, but didn’t make it in time for the blog-off, just click on one of the banners and it will take you to my fundraising page. Any and all help is appreciated!

Now go check out all those great bloggers.


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