It's My Party, I'll Cry If I Want To

I had this great plan of writing this great post yesterday for my two-year blogiversary, but life got in the way and I wasn’t home.

So I’ve now been blogging for two years plus a day. It’s a little strange. When I first started I really had nothing to say, as can be evidenced by my first posts. They’re frightening. As in scarily boring.

Then I started getting a few regular commenters. Hi Dawn! Hi Toni! All of a sudden blogging was interactive! What fun! Too bad I was still boring. (What am I saying? I really am still boring, but at least I try a little harder.) Back then I would post any old shit that I thought of. I posted my daily schedule, for crying out loud. Now I try and think of things that will entertain or things that will bring discussion. Or I just try to appease my stalkers, like in my last post.

I certainly never saw my blogging as something that would last, but two years later, here I am and I’m still having a blast with it. I’ve met some really great people. Hi Carly! Hi Bex! I’ve blogged alongside some of my best friends like Meghann. And right now, I’m even hosting my very first (hopefully not only) fundraising blog-off.

So where do I go from here? Well, I’m hoping for at least another two years of quality (or semi-quality) posting. I hope to meet many more fantastic people and I hope to continue having fun.

Thanks for the good times, dear blog!

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