Llamas & Emus

Do you ever get really bored of doing the same ol’ drive day in and day out? Because Derek and I do. So what do we do to pass the time, however brief it may be? We play games with people’s license plates. Our favorite is taking the three letters in a license plate and making a random phrase out of it. For example, our car has the letters BWC. Yup. Big White Cock. I’m so proud. Anywho.

We’re cruising along the other night and he shouts out, “Extreme Emu Monkeys!”

I give him a funny look. “Emu? Like a llama or an emu?”

He groans. “Nooo. Like those depressed kids!”

Heh. “Oh. You mean emo.”

“Yeah! Extreme emo monkeys!”

We’re so hip. Says the girl who just spent entirely too long photoshopping (badly) an emo monkey.


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