Privacy & Blogging

The topic for this week, the third in the Blog-Off, was privacy and there are some great posts up about it.

As bloggers, privacy can be a hot topic. You have to find that right line for you- when are you saying too much? Is it possible to not say enough? I know that I’ve overstepped boundaries before and it caused a lot of heartache. I also know that I’ve password protected a few posts, but I hated that as well. It felt like I was excluding all of my three non-family/best friend readers. (See that? That subtle jibe at myself? I’m so smooth in my self-deprecation.) Besides, how many people actually email the author of a password protected post to ask for the password? You just skip it, right? I know I do.

Then there’s the matter of deciding how much personal info are you going to let out. Obviously your address shouldn’t be visible on your blog, but do you say what state or province you live in? Country? What about narrowing it down to city? Do you publish your last name or do you go so far as to use code names for your family?

For a long time I’ve debated opening a second blog, without my name attached, where I can vent about family, marriage, friends, history and work, but I haven’t done it yet. Scratch that- I tried doing one about a year ago, but I could never keep it up. I found I didn’t have enough secrets to justify maintaining a regular blog. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Perhaps it means that I’m showcasing too much and that I need to keep more of my life private.

Where’s the line for you?

Head on over and visit the other blog-off participants and see what they had to say about privacy this week. Good luck everyone!