And Then There Were Two

For a long time I’ve bemoaned the fact that I’ve had three cats, three cats too many, in my much too-small apartment. We’ve had long-time problems with our oldest cat, still young at just five years old, and for the last two years we’ve talked about finding a new home for her. We never managed to get the courage to do it.

We started talking seriously about it again because her problems were worsening. Daily we were finding evidence that she was ignoring her litter box and she was constantly being hounded by our other cats. Our poor Sadie was not a happy cat.

We mentioned the problem to Derek’s sister the other day, casually asking if she knew anybody who wanted a cat, and for the first time she said yes. She did actually know someone. Her friend had been asking for a cat for a long time and for her birthday, the plan was for a bunch of friends to get her one.

We talked about it and confirmed that Sadie would be in a home with no other animals- something we feel she has needed. She loves attention and we think a lot of her problems stemmed from sharing too small of space with too many other animals. Our attention was divided and she didn’t like it.

Yesterday, Sylvie came over and met Sadie for the first time. There was an instant connection and despite my sadness at losing my cat of five years, I know that she’ll be happier with Sylvie than she could be in this home. Plus, she’s gone to a friend of the family so I can check in and keep tabs. Always a perk.

So now my cat count has decreased to two and I’m a little sad. I hope I’ve made the right choice.

On another note of goodbyes, we lost Dirka Dirka to the voting process in the Blog-Off this week. Stay tuned for next week’s posts and another go-round of voting!