My Golden Opportunity

Welcome to yet another week of blog-off goodness. Posts are up all over the big bad blog world and golden was the word o’ the week.

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of golden was golden opportunity. I got to thinking, have I missed mine? Ironically, out of the blue and as I was pondering this, Derek turns to me and asks, “Did we get married too young?” After my heart slowed down and I was convinced he wasn’t ready to divorce me (yet), we were talking about how serious we are for our respective ages. He’s twenty-six and I’m twenty-five going on twenty-six and it seems like we’re plodding through our middle age instead of enjoying our youth.

We go to work, we come home. We spend sick days watching Oprah because we really are sick and not just taking the day to go to the beach. We fret over our dire financial situation and we look at home listings on the internet. We talk about babies and meet up for dinner dates that fit around our couple friends’ schedules.

Derek was bemoaning the fact that he missed his years of being a single idiotic guy, prowling the bars, spending all his money on booze and weed and cheap housing with more idiotic bachelors. Why he’d feel bad for missing out on that, who knows, but it did make me think.

Where would I be if we hadn’t married so young? I’d still be in the states. I wouldn’t live in Canada. I honestly don’t know where I’d be. When I met Derek, I was at a point in my life where a big change was about to happen- no matter what it happened to be (in this case meeting my husband), but I was definitely at a turning point. A very obvious one at that. My friends were coupled up and drifting away, my part-time retail job had long ago lost any appeal it originally had and I was antsy. I needed something.

Did I miss my golden opportunity for greatness? Was there something around that corner that I sidestepped, choosing instead a life of marriage and potential house-wifery? I’m not saying that I made the wrong choice- I’m happily married and I enjoy my husband’s company. That’s not to say that on occasion I wouldn’t gladly throw him off the roof of a very tall building, but that’s standard fare with any long-term relationship. We’re a good fit.

I suppose I’ll never know what could have been. All I have to do now is create another golden opportunity for myself- to make the life that I have now the best one I could have.

Check out the list of blog-off contestants over here. Wish them luck and let them know what you think of their golden posts.


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