When I think of clarity, the first thing that comes to my mind is a tune. More specifically, “I can clearly now the rain is gone… I can see all the obstacles in my way…” And then, as I always do when I hear that song, I think of one of my favorite truly terrible jokes. Terrible as in a groaner joke. No, you don’t want to hear it. Yes, it is that bad.

Old songs and bad jokes aside, clarity is something that I long for. Something that I think most people desire. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know, without hesitation, that you’re making the right decision? No matter the circumstances? Life would be so smooth. You walk right up that corporate ladder by making smart choices at opportune moments. You take the right risks and you walk away from the rough spots.

I keep thinking that it would be a really great thing,but ultimately, I also think it would be incredibly boring. I can’t imagine living my life without the knowledge that I’ve learned from my many stupid stupid mistakes. And yes, there truly have been many. So college wasn’t a good choice for me, but who would I be without the experience of nightmarish roommates and a long-distance romance? Maybe avoiding home that first summer was a nearly life-threatening mistake, but would I have learned my current independence if I’d gone back to live with my parents? Okay, yeah, tallying up entirely too much bad debt would have been a good thing, but at least I (mostly) make better financial choices now. Erm, so that one hasn’t panned out so well, but I’m working on it.

Being able to see clearly (with or without the rain) would be nice, but you know, I think I’m alright with my vision-reducing misty skies.

We’re down to just 9 bloggers left in my first ever blog-off and the competition is really heating up. The posts are intense. In fact, why don’t you go read some of them?


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