Final week of the blog-off. Wow. What a ride it has been! We’ve covered topics from laughter to shampoo. In the middle there were topics everywhere from regrets to kisses to clarity. We really covered a wide range.

Your finalists in this battle of blogging are Cyndi from Write2B and Evey from The Adventures Of Chris & Evey and I hope they’re up to the challenge. I know I couldn’t think of a damn thing to write about when it came to shampoo so I hope they’ve got some creative fuel left!

Right now I’m gearing up for Blog-Off Version 2.0. It should be great. Like this time, the entry fee will be $10 in US funds paid via PayPal. Again, like this current one, half of the money collected will be the grand prize to the big winner and the remaining half will be donated towards the fight against breast cancer. Blogging For
Boobs, that’s what we’re about. In this updated version of the contest, it will only for four weeks. There will be four posts, one for each week in July, due on Thursdays by midnight PST. The words that you’ll be blogging on will be selected randomly by myself and you’ll get the word just two days in advance, via email, on Tuesdays.

As with this last go ’round, all the voting will be done by the contestants. Once all the posts are up, you will select your top three and send those votes to me by email. Great news! This time there will be virtually no eliminations. I found that cutting people was the most difficult thing to do and if you had a bad week, you could be out despite being rock solid in previous topics. The only way you will be eliminated is if you fail to get your post up on time. When your votes come in (and they’ll be due each Tuesday by midnight), your favorites will be awarded point values. Your all-time favorite post will be given 15 points, your second is given 10 points and the post you selected as third would be given 5 points. The blogger with the highest cumulative score at the end wins and their winnings will be sent to the them the same way the entry fee was collected- by PayPal.

It was SO much fun this time around and we collected $180. That meant $90 to our winner, either Cyndi or Evey, and $90 towards breast cancer. Awesome.

If you’re interested in playing, I’m looking for at least 20 participants. We had 17 last time- can we beat that? Leave a comment, make sure you fill in your email address, and I’ll send you this information again as well as further information I need from you.

A huge congratulations to Cyndi and Evey and good luck to both of you!


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