What's Up, Strangers?

What? I have a blog? Seriously? And I’m supposed to keep it updated? Whoops.

I have been so blasted busy that I can’t keep my head straight. So. What’s going on? Well, I’m in the process of buying my condo. We should be signing the final papers in the next little bit here and have everything finalized by September 1st. That’s a big move- first time home purchase, even if the home happens to be an itty bitty condo.

I’ve been spending every weekend in various town and places and venues fundraising for The 3 Day Walk and that has me just about beat. I’m getting giddy with excitement about the actual event, but let me tell you, I am just about ready to be DONE fundraising. There’s only so much asking for money that I can handle. So if you donate, you’ll help me. (Insert big cheesy grin here.) If you’re local, I have an event coming up on the 24th that’ll be a good time, so send me an email and I can get you some details.

August has always been a bit of an off month for me. My birthday is at the beginning of it and then, ten days later (this Wednesday, thankyouverymuch) is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I have very mixed feelings about this time of year. I love the summer, most of the time I get some enjoyment from my birthday, but I think part of it is always tainted by the memories of that summer twelve years ago when Mom was so sick. Twelve years. Wow. Ah, but the pain has eased so little. Which is, of course, why I walk.

The third blog-off is under way and I’m feeling terribly guilty as I have not had the time to give these bloggers the credit and the attention that they deserve. Here is a list of the fabulous people taking part in fighting breast cancer by way of blogging.


We also have a few fabulous people who have made donations to my fundraising site. It’s not too late for that- for a minimum $5 donation, you can vote on your favorite bloggers while making a difference. Voting on all three posts will put you into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Amazon.

That about sums up my life these days! Fundraise fundraise fundraise, work, and concentrate on getting the sale of the condo completed. Give me a month and things will be back to normal, I promise. In the meantime, make a donation if you’re able and receive my eternal gratitude!


3 thoughts on “What's Up, Strangers?

  1. Happy belated birthday. It’s just 2 days after mine. Can I get a leo roar? Always a pleasure participating in a blog-off, though the third word is giving me a real hard time.

  2. Jason- thanks! Belated to you, too. šŸ™‚ Rawr. šŸ™‚

    C- There will be more, but I’m not sure when. I’m going to skip the walk next year, but walk again in 2009. I’m considering starting fundraising next year though so I can hopefully have it all with plenty of time to spare!

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