The Well Is Dry

I think I can officially count this as the longest dry spell in blogging that I’ve had in the years that I’ve had this site. I’m not really sure what my deal is, other than a variety of problems and challenges in life that aren’t totally bloggable (she says as she makes up words like bloggable).

So what’s new with you all? How’s life? Work? Relationships? Fab? Yes? I hope so. Life around here is the same old, same old. Derek and I can’t seem to get the time to finish the painting of the apartment, so it’s been in a state of half-painted, half-white for the last two months. Let me rephrase that- we haven’t had the time, at the same time that we’ve had the energy.

Derek and I took a mini-vacation with his company to Disneyland in beautiful and still sunny California and we had a blast. We went on rides, we wandered the park, we shopped- it was grand. Just too short!

We’ve had two funerals to attend in the month of November which has put a damper on the month, but we’re trying to put it behind us and continue on- Derek moreso than me (in that he has been affected by the deaths more than I).

And so life continues.

I’m issuing a challenge to myself to resume a regular blogging pattern for the month of December so I’m stocking up on blogging ideas. Anything you want to hear from me? Just send me a hello and a hiya and let me know!

I miss you all and will return to good form as soon as I can gather myself together. Muah!

6 thoughts on “The Well Is Dry

  1. Hey girl! Smile right now… come on I know you’re not actually smiling… how about now?

    One of my favorite activities when I feel in a rut (as cheesy as it sounds) is to remind myself of all the things that makes me smile. It’s a lot less committment than the what makes you happy list or the what you’re grateful for list – those tend to get dramatic – this list (and I know we love lists) is about the little things, the mundane if you will. It can be a list of general things but I like to go day by day. To go thru the day and when something makes me smile I mentally add it to my tally so that I’ll remember it.

    I don’t do it all the time but occassionally I need it to remind me that every day good things happen and are amusing. It lightens me up – every decision is not the one that will change my life forever, every day is not just a trudge to old age. Life is about carving out small moments of joy no matter where you are or what you’re going thru.

    Today my dog accidentaly pee’d on his favorite ball and then my husband picked it up and threw it to play catch – sprinkling his arm with mini pee drops – he smiled so I smiled. While at the mall today my husband pinched my butt more than 9 times – I smiled because I didn’t care who saw. At dinner the shrimp I ordered was not good and the manager took it off our bill – which allowed us to buy dessert – smile!

    What made you smile today?

  2. Nice to see you back. So sorry to hear that you had two funerals to go to. Whether you were directly affected or not they are never nice to have to go to. I hope that December is better for both of you.

    I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  3. Ahem, I can give you something to blog about.

    I have been in the same boat as you…and now that I want to blog and have things to talk about, my internet and blogger do not get along. It’s ticking me off!

  4. Ellen! – Hey you. Long time no see! Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

    Vegas- I hope that December is better, too! Thanks for sticking around.

    Toni- Yes! Italy! I am SO unbelievably excited.

  5. nice posts, yes there is couple of time, there is absolutely nothing to be written or sometimes even you have something to write you cannot, just because you do not like writing it.

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