Christmas To-Do List

Every year I swear that I am going to be ready for Christmas and I’ll be waiting impatiently for Christmas day with bells on. Well, every year I fall a little flat of that goal and this year is no different. So let’s see. What is there to do?

Finish Buying Gifts: Well, I’ve purchased one. Does that count as finished? No? I didn’t think so, either.

Send Out Christmas Cards: Half of them are written and addressed, none have been mailed. If I don’t get them out tomorrow, they probably won’t be out in time. Argh.

Put Up A Christmas Tree: Yeah, that’s just not happening this year. Entirely too much effort when I’m not even going to be home from the 24th to the 26th.

Put Out Christmas Decorations: See above.

Drink Eggnog: As appealing as the rum part of that sounds, I find eggnog disgusting. This doesn’t happen any year.

Attend Christmas Parties: Ya know, I’m just not feeling the spirit this year. My company Christmas luncheon was ghetto-fabulous, as it was last year, and we glommed onto the free food and then ducked out. Derek’s company skipped the big to-do and took us to Disneyland last month instead (and I’m so not complaining). I’m good for Christmas partying.

So. I guess I have some shopping and some mailing to do.


4 thoughts on “Christmas To-Do List

  1. Yay!! You’re back!

    I’m about half done with my Christmas shopping, mostly I’m to the gift certificates (daycare, boss, etc). Christmas cards haven’t even been purchased… I’m still writing out baby thank you’s. Christmas tree and decorations are zero (due to lack of space). Eggnog is yummy, but I like mine without the booze. Christmas Party was great! I had a blast.

  2. Sherry- Yeah, I’ve still got my parents, my step-sister, and my husband to go. And my secret santa at work. And my sister-in-law. And her boyfriend. Ack! Christmas cards went out today, thank goddess. Still no decorations. Still no eggnog. No more xmas parties.

  3. Even with almost all of my Christmas things done I am still not in the holiday mood. I don’t think anything can help that but an infusion of spirit and I seem to be severly lacking that.

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