17 thoughts on “When 1+1 = 1 More

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (girly sort of scream)

    Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of parenthood. Here’s your club card, burp rag, and lotion for your face, because it’s gonna be hard to stop grinning for awhile. 🙂

    Many copious congratulations to you two! Here’s hoping for everything to go swimmingly.

  2. Finally! I’ve been waiting to comment on this post for what feels like years! Let me know if there’s anything I can do. You know I’ve got your back. Congratulations, kids!

  3. Nathan- Thank you! I’m very excited and quite a bit nervous, too!

    nikkiana- Long time, no see! Thanks!

    Megs- I know you are! I am, too! You’ll have to help me through this!

    Toni- Yes! We’ll let it hear Italian, maybe it will pop out bilingual. 🙂

    Kari- Thank you! And hello!

    Bradley- Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Heh. I liked it, anyway. And thanks on the congratulations. 🙂

    Caryn- Caryn! So glad to see you again! And thanks!

    Carly-Ann- I know, it was so hard to keep the secret! It seemed like eons! And thank you, your support means a TON to me!

    Dawn- Thank you! I’m happy for us, too!

    rio- Aww! Thank you! I love kind words from a stranger.

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