Any woman or man who has grown out their hair for an extended period of time knows that it is almost physically painful to lop off that hair. You have to build the courage to make the appointment and then maintain the bravado long enough to actually show up at the designated time. Once there, you have to watch as the strands hit the ground, never to be attached to your head again. It is cruel and yes, it is painful.

The only thing worse than cutting off six inches of hair that you didn’t really want to cut in the first place (but had to because it was so dry and damaged), is having nobody notice it at work the next day.

I miss my hair.


8 thoughts on “Loss

  1. My sympathies…my wife’s hair goes down past her butt and anytime she has it cut she gets majorly depressed, even if it’s only a few inches to take care of bad ends and so forth. Right now she’s getting fairly saddened by the fact that she’s losing a ton of it due to the pregnancy hormones working their way out of her system. I’m sure your hair looks lovely anyway, Courtney! 🙂

  2. Nathan- Aww, thanks. I totally feel your wife’s pain.

    Carly- I’ll post one. When I get a good one. I took a bunch the other night, but I hate them all so it’ll have to wait.

    dawnmarie- Chopping all your hair off? Isn’t it already pretty short? Are you doing it pre or post wedding?

  3. I am going to be doing this soon and even though I purposefully grew out my hair to cut the ten inches, doing it will be really difficult. I ahve already pushed back the date three times.

  4. Lol, I’m the exact opposite of you it seems.

    At the back end of last year, my hair was waist length. Then I decided I hated it, and had it all cut off, till it was down to just below my ears. So all told, I had probably close to 12 inches or more chopped off. I cannot tell you what a relief it was either!

    As I type this though, it’s already down past my shoulders again. I had no idea my hair grew so quickly!

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