Directionally Challenged

I have an issue.

I have no idea where I’m going. No, I’m not having a quarter-life crisis, I really truly have no idea what direction my car is facing at any given time. My complete inability to figure out where I am can be rather frustrating.

Here’s an example. This last weekend, I picked up a friend to drive us out to a dinner in a town I’d never been to before. I wrote out my directions and picked up my girlfriend. We followed our very carefully written directions and found our location without a hitch. Awesome. I love it when that happens. The problem was the trip home. I have been to my friend’s house well over a dozen times (they just moved in there a few months ago or the number would be significantly higher), but coming from the opposite direction, she had to direct me every single turn- including the one into her complex!

I’m useless at figuring out how to get anywhere! I must have been absent on the day they handed out a sense of direction.


6 thoughts on “Directionally Challenged

  1. Lol. I’m the exact same. My partner constantly teases me about not having any directional sense, and I tell him that I have directional sense, I just go by various landmarks instead of street signs πŸ˜›

  2. I have the same problem. And my husband, who has an almost freakishly good sense of direction, enables me because he is able to direct me everywhere — or else he does the driving. If either my husband or my memory aren’t available, there’s also Mapquest.

  3. I don’t really have that problem but I do always want to know before I leave to a place I haven’t been to before what direction I have to take approximately.

    If I have to go far, I borrow a navigation system (which usually lends for the joke that the navigation is worth more than the car)

  4. Toni- I got lost quite a few times, but it was kinda fun being lost there. Especially when I found carousels. Carousels make it all okay.

    Dawn- I go by a combination of street signs and landmarks usually, being from Surrey (as you know), the numbered streets are a blessing. I still get lost, though.

    Caryn- I love MapQuest. It’s my friend. Derek has a freakish sense of direction, as well. What’s up with that? Can’t they just be okay at it and give us some of their talent?

    Chans- I don’t know why I haven’t even really considered a navigation system. Maybe it’s the cost. Maybe it’s because I don’t go new places often enough to justify it.

    Vegas- I do sometimes! I have mommy brain already!

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