Have you ever wanted, really desperately wanted, to be wrong about something?

Me, too.


11 thoughts on “Wrong

  1. Megs- Thank you, and yes you will.

    Toni- You’re so cute, thanks.

    QueeniCarly- It’s not really a pleasant feeling, is it.

    Katie- Thanks, Katie.

    K- I’ll be okay. Just some stupid shit that I shouldn’t have to deal with right now of all times. Thank you.

  2. Courtney, I’ve definitely felt like that. And like Nathan, my first concern was that it was baby stuff. I’m so glad that it’s not. Hope you get it all worked out soon.

  3. Vegas – Thank you. I’m working through it.

    Caryn – Thank you. It’ll be a long road, but we’ll see what happens. One day I can share more details, just not now.

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