Baby Name Crisis

Here is my baby naming issue. I’m due August 17th, as most of you well know, and we’re having a little girl. Ever since I was a little girl myself, I have adored the name Anastasia. My husband was not so sold on the name.

Oddly enough, the baby ended up being conceived around the time of his grandfather’s death and her due date is two days off from the anniversary of my mother’s death. The meaning of the name Anastasia? Rebirth. It’s hugely symbolic and it means a lot to both of us now, even Derek, and we’ve decided that is going to be her name.

One thing that I particularly love about her name is the plethora of nicknames available. Ana, Anya, Stasia, Stacy… and so on and so forth. We call her Ana Banana already.

Here’s my problem. As I get closer and closer to my due date, I become increasingly paranoid that the name Anastasia is too… much. People give me funny looks when I say that we’re naming her Anastasia Rose and I don’t want her to get looks for her entire life.

Am I just being paranoid? Do people really find this name so odd? Please tell me that I’m freaking out for nothing because, well, I tend to freak out about everything these days!

Pipe up in the comments and let me know- love or hate the name?


25 thoughts on “Baby Name Crisis

  1. I’ve always loved the name Anastasia personally. I can see how some people think it’s a little bit much… but I have never known an Anastasia who didn’t go by a shortened nickname… It’ll be a lot easier for everyone to swallow when everyone’s calling little Anastasia, Ana or some such. 🙂

  2. Dude, do you even know the horrible things Daryl’s dad said when we told him we were naming Oliver Oliver Gene? For real. Don’t let other people tell you what to name your child. I’m in love with the name. And since it means so much to you both, that’s all that really matters.

  3. There are others who will hate whatever name you pick. Just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call your child that. It’s YOUR baby, and that gives you, and ONLY you (And baby daddy of course) to choose what the baby is going to be called.

    I personally think Anastasia Rose is a gorgeous name. It’s very feminine and I like that. So long as you and baby Daddy are happy with it, does it really matter what others think? I don’t think so.

  4. You like it, Darryl likes, who cares what everyone else thinks. I personally think it’s a bit much, but my opinion doesn’t matter. Yours does.

  5. Anastasia is a beautiful name and if you are still sold on it having kept it in mind for a few months, I say go for it. And really, Anastasia is only four syllables, not exactly a mouthful. Especially considering Ana Banana is five syllables. =) Do what you think is best.

  6. Anastasia Rose is the most beautiful name (in my opinion). I fell in love with it the second Derek told me – and he told me the name with PRIDE. I think the name is romantic, and the nicknames (I love Ana!) are so cute – kind of girly without being prissy.

    Further to that, people who give other people flack about their names can all go eat toast.

  7. Courtenella. I know my opinion means SHIT, but I am going to give it to you anyways. I am not a fan of the name. I ADORE (repeat) ADORE the nickname aspect (and frankly I think Ana would suffice as a name). Personally I think Anastasia a bit antiquated/Russian sounding. HOWEVER, like your dear friends said, it’s your baby, baby! You have loved that name forever!!!! Your beautiful daughter is going to rep whatever name you give her, and she will wear it well.

    I am so very, very proud of you. This is SO big!!!! You are having a BABY!!!! Sorry, the novelty hasn’t worn off on me yet. 🙂

    Have you thought about waiting to meet her to see how the name fits? I know when I was in my Mom’s tummy I was like 4 names before I was Kari. I was Freya, I was Signe…I was Rosetta 🙂 It wasn’t until I was born and my Mom held me that she said, “This is Kari Rose.”

    To each her own. I stand by you whatever name you choose.

    Love, love, love,

  8. I love the name! I think that no matter what name you choose, you’ll get looks from someone. Some people hate names that are too common or too rare. Others hate names simply because they disliked someone with that name. There are so many reasons. And I think it’s wonderful to name her something that will give her many nicknames to choose from. Then she can decide whether to go by Anastasia or something else. That’s something she should definitely appreciate.

  9. I think it is an absolutely beautiful name and those people who look at you weird are just stupid. Never listen to what other people think, you are the one who is going to be using that name the most.

  10. I’m with the folks that say name it whatever you are both happy with — just make sure you’re BOTH 100% on the ball with it, or someone will have regrets, and you don’t want that. I think it’s a beautiful name; sophisticated and classy. And it’s big enough that if it becomes a problem, you can easily shorten it for everyday use. I don’t like the idea of “Staci/Stacey”, but Ana is lovely.

    People give us weird looks and we have to spell Keston’s name all the time but we’ve never once regretted naming him that. Stick to your guns.

  11. oops, yeah, totally meant Derek. Sorry Derek.

    Remember, once you meet her, it might not be the right name. I was Amy until I came out (or Daniel, but I came out a girl, back then they rarely knew) and I’d have been a lousy Amy. Just make sure the name fits. It’s your baby, tell the people who look at you weird to go to the depths.

  12. I agree with the majority, it’s your baby. Keep in mind that your child will be going to school with Socrates, Lennon, Tucker, Jayden (Jaiden), Jaxon, half a dozen Micheala (spelled half a dozen ways), Kennedy, MaKenzie, Neveah, and CheyAnn – these days I don’t think the name will get the slightest eye raise. Just make sure it fits your daughter.

    That said, Anastasia Rose is a mouth full. Maybe you could break it up (as redneck as it sounds) into Ana Staci Rose…? Just a thought.

  13. Anastasia Rose is a beautiful name. It has meaning to you and it’s pretty…don’t let other people’s comments make you second guess yourself! Your child, your choice…that’s the great thing about becoming a parent 🙂

  14. Hello Hello Hello!

    First and foremost, congrats again and again!!! Second, I think that you are not over reacting or being paranoid. I commend you on being a fantastic parent right out of the gate. You are already thinking about how the choices you make will affect your child. That’s fantastic and means you are leaps and bounds ahead of unfortunetly many parents. Third, welcome to the world of always defending your choices as a parent – everyone seems to have an opinion on what you do. Fourth, write yourself an “I told you so” note and in 18 years when your beautiful daughter turns to you on a random day and says, “Thanks Mom.” And you say, “What for?” And she says, “For really putting thought and love into my name and not just randomly picking it from a list of the 10 most popular. And for making it interesting and unique – how many Anastasias do you know? And for allowing me to grow with it. Thanks a lot. You’re a great mother.” – Well on that day you just go ahead and reread the your ITYS note and pat yourself on the back.

    Cheers 🙂

  15. nikkiana- Well and that’s just it. Anastasia is for me. She’ll go by Ana in our house. Her Auntie wants to call her Stasia, which is fine by me.

    Megs – Thank you. I know I’m going to get it from somebody, that’s unavoidable, I just don’t want HER to get grief over it. And yes, Ellen is a smart smart lady. It’s why we love Ellen. 🙂

    Dawn – I know, I know. I’m sure I’m just having doubts because I’m doubting everything else, I may as well doubt the name, too!

    dawnmarie – Yes, it’s Derek. And yeah, if she comes out and the name is totally wrong, well, then we figure out what name works!

    Erin – We are going to stick with it, I think. It is our name and our choice and we like it. We are going to come up with some backups in case we don’t think it fits once we meet her.

    Cassidy – I’m so glad that you love the name. Derek himself is quite attached to it now. He wasn’t before, but he can’t imagine calling her anything else now.

    K- Thank you thank you for being honest. I appreciate it! And you’re absolutely right, her name might not work when we meet her. We do want to come up with a few back-ups. I can’t imagine you as anything but a Kari! You’ll come up to see me when the baby comes, right??

    Caryn – Whatever name I pick has to have a lot of nicknames. It’s the only thing I DON’T like about my name- it’s either Court or Courtney and not much else! I like options!

    Vegas – You and everyone else are right. I’m kinda silly for being paranoid about it, I know. I just can’t help it!

    Nathan – You get weird looks for Keston? I like it! And I also much prefer the Ana and Anya and A nicknames over the Stacy, Stasi, Stasia ones, but what she likes will be her choice as she gets older.

    Sherry – Yeah, funky spellings really annoy me, personally. If you want an original name, pick one, but don’t just badly misspell a good and decent normal name!

    Heather – So what names have YOU guys picked out?? Seeing as how you’re going to go any day now!

    Ellen – Ellen!! And what a sweet sweet comment. I read it out loud to Derek, too. Thank you!

  16. I think its a great name. Our best friends have twins named Anastasia and Alyssa. They just call her Ana and I have never heard anyone thinking her name is odd. If is def different, but not in a bad way. Different names are better than the same old names everyone else names their babies.

  17. As someone with a 4 syllable name, I will tell you that it does not matter one bit how long your name it. I love having a long name because I never had to share it with anyone else! Of course now Alexandra is gaining in popularity, but honestly I had never met another Alexandra until I was in college. I like that about “unsual” names. And hello…I named my daughter Gwyneth. I support “weird” names. They give a person personality. Bottom line: it’s your child, so you get to pick.

  18. Alex – We actually considered Alexandra or Alexandria as a name for her, too. Hell, she still might end up as that although Anastasia is still taking first place. And I like the name Gwyneth and don’t find it weird at all!

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