#21 – Chris

This post is a revival of my people project from days long ago. I haven’t done a new update in over a year. We’ll see how long the revival lasts.

Chris was my husband’s old roommate and the reason that I met my husband in the first place. I dated Chris first. Can we say awkward? By dating, I mean that I was madly infatuated and he was mildly interested in getting some ass (not that it’s any of your business, but he didn’t). He was wildly immature at the time and is now married to a wealthy woman, has his own business, and has a second child on the way. Traces of his old self are still apparent, but he has most certainly grown up. It’s still a little weird for me to spend any sort of time with him at all.


6 thoughts on “#21 – Chris

  1. Can I just say I love this project! Every once in a while I dust it off and give it a go as well.

    Thanks for reminding me… 🙂

  2. Ellen – I know, I love it, too. It’s probably more fun for me than for readers, but hey. It gets me thinking about people and relationships. Are you blogging anywhere these days?

    Citta – It is an amusing story.

    Toni – Will do. 🙂

  3. Okay…you knew I was going to surface to comment on THIS one…!!! Being as how I dated the…boy…for so long (did I just admit that on the internet?), I feel compelled to share my thoughts. Without trying to sound condescending, I am SO PROUD of Chris. He always had a good heart, he just wanted attention so badly. And he finally found somebody who was able to give him that while still getting what she needs in return. GOOD FOR HIM. I can only imagine what a fun dad he is. I have no idea what his business is, but also, good for him!!!

  4. Cassidy – It’s true. He’s changed a ton. He was a bit of a jerk to me, but I probably deserved it- I was also a bit of a clingy twit! He was doing this landscaping curb thing, but now I think he’s moved on to something else. You’d have to ask Derek for sure. And he loves his little girl like it’s nobody’s business. It’s very cute.

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