Impulse Buy

You know that you have a problem with impulse buys when your grand plan for the day is to stay in bed until late afternoon and then hit up IKEA to buy shelves, and instead you end up buying a car.

No seriously.

In our defense, we were only a month away from the planned purchase of a vehicle and the dealership is going to pay our last lease payment for us, but still…

At least now I’ll have my four-door vehicle before the baby comes instead of a month after. Technically the financing could fall through and we won’t have a new (used) car after all. The fact still remains that we went shopping for shelves and wound up with a car. Go us.


9 thoughts on “Impulse Buy

  1. Toni – I don’t have that many more pictures! You’ve seen the baby shower ones and those are the most recent.

    k – I’ll email you the baby shower pics that I have, but I don’t have that many more! We’ll see what I can do.

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