Things Totally Not Blog Worthy

*I dropped an egg noodle on my daughter’s head today. On accident. But then I laughed hilariously about it and couldn’t stop giggling. Then I felt guilty. It was an egg noodle! On her head! Gah!

*I was laying in bed last night and leaned over to my husband to ask him if babies could smell bad smells. He looked at me like I was crazy. I only asked because she had terrible gas and it stunk and I wondered if she could tell that she smelled rank.

*I finally caved and got Google Reader to read my blogs with. Then I started adding blogs like crazy because holy cows, it’s so much easier and so much less time-consuming when updates are automatically sent to me and I don’t have to check every site individually for new posts. Except that now, with my bajillion blogs that I’m subscribed to, I get really peeved when there’s no new stuff for me to read. Blog, people! Blog!

*I was giving the baby a bath and Derek went to take a picture of how cute she looked all scrunched up and wet. Then he dropped the camera in the sink. With the baby and the water. It works except for a giant water spot on the lens so we have to take it in somewhere and see if they can fix it. Ugh.

*I had a dream where Macaroon was discussed as a potential baby name. I made a face and said, “Like the cookie?” Then I got laughed at and everybody told me that macaroon = pogo stick. Not cookie. I actually felt the need to look up macaroon in the dictionary when I woke up.

*I haven’t figured out how to grocery shop with the baby yet. She’s too little to sit in the cart and her car seat doesn’t sit on the cart right and if it’s in the cart then I have no room for groceries. So, uhm, I just don’t grocery shop and make my husband do it.


10 thoughts on “Things Totally Not Blog Worthy

  1. Grocery shopping — we just ended up putting Keston in the main body of the cart. Yeah, you lose a lot of space, but that’s about the only way we could figure out to do it. One of the cutest things was once we had him completely packed in with groceries while he smiled up at us, surrounded by peas, bread, and so forth. You figure it out in time…just get creative. 🙂

  2. Two carts! But only with your SO goes with you. It’s hard to push two carts at once.

    When I went with Jas by myself, I put her in the main section of the cart and prioritized the list. If it didn’t fit, we didn’t get it.

  3. I LOVE my google reader. But I still have to log on to see if there are updates. Is there a way to set it up for it to email you?? hummmm. That would be nice!

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. Ha, this post is awesome!

    And I love my Google Reader. LOVE IT! Seriously, I could be the spokesperson for Google Reader. I need new blogs to read. Any suggestions?

  5. Ring sling! Or ergo!

    I went with the ring sling because it’s cheap as and if DJ didn’t like being in one it was no great loss.

    Baby wearing FTW. Takes some getting used to but I tell you what… that ring sling saved my sanity more then a few times in the first two months.

  6. I haven’t eaten a macaroon in ages!! That is one of the food names we made fun of as kids. “Munster” cheese, for example, always provided entertainment. Hey, if Gweneth can name her girl Apple, you can name yours Macaroon! : ) Have a great weekend!

  7. Nathan – That’s what I’ll have to do. Or just not grocery shop for the next six months. Heh.

    Evey – I’ve dropped a lot more things since then, too. It’s bad!

    Erin – Well, two carts would certainly do the trick.

    Denise – Nope, no way of emailing that I know of, but my google reader keeps me logged in all the time and I have it bookmarked, so one click and I’ve got all my posts lined up.

    Toni – I just updated my links list. It’s crazy long now. Have at it!

    Caasi – I just bought a sling the other day, but haven’t had much opportunity to use it. I didn’t even think about using it for grocery shopping. Great plan.

    Jenny – Ha, I don’t think I could bring myself to name a baby that. So cruel!

  8. I LOVE Google Reader. Has made everything so much more convienant. And I still see people’s blogs because I have to click on them to comment so I really don’t think I am missing out on anything.

    Speaking of blogging…I miss mine. Hasn’t even been a week yet and I am considering coming back. What do you think?

  9. Vegas – Uhm, yeah, come back! I probably comment even less than before because I have to go visit to comment and I really miss follow-up comments now, but oh well, it’s still worth it.

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