A Little Bitch & Moan


You know what really sucks? It’s when you know that you’re going to be spending twelve hours split amongst driving, visiting with people who have never met the baby, and… more driving.

What sucks even more is when after the first lunch meet and greet, you come back out to your vehicle to not just one, but TWO flat tires.

Yup, that’s right. We drove the first three hours and went into the restaurant for lunch. About two hours later we came back out to drive off to destination number two and found one rim sitting on the ground and another just barely holding air.

Three hours and two tire places later (because seriously, tire places need to be open even on Sundays), it was determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the tires and we were back on our way.

Unfortunately, those three hours just pissed the baby right off and she was cranky for the remaining six hours of our day trip.


I’m tired.


12 thoughts on “A Little Bitch & Moan

  1. Ugh, I hate car problems. I feel your pain! And why did these people not come see you? It had to be much easier for them to come out then for you to shlep the baby all the way to them?

  2. Vegas – Heh, I wish they’d come to see us, but no, they’re old and there’s a border involved.

    Toni – It was. It sucked.

    Tanya – That’s weird.. I subscribe to myself on Google Reads so I can make sure that the posts come through and it’s been working there… so I don’t know. 😦

    Flurrious – I haevn’t even heard of that stuff. I should pick some up. And really, who thinks they’re going to have TWO flat tires in one day? It’s ridiculous!

  3. I have friends, who shall remain nameless, that swear by Benadryl for long trips. Even for the dog! Just an idea to consider… hahah!!
    I find that each of my kids has a preferred cd that they will sleep to. For the girl, it is James Taylor’s greatest hits. Even now, still works!! : )

  4. I wanted to say in response to Vegas Princess’ comment, just because someone has a baby doesn’t mean that everyone should cater to you and your child. I am sure they have things going on in their own lives as well. Maybe even some things that may make it harder to get around then having a baby.

  5. Theresa: I never said people should “cater” to someone who has a baby. But they should understand it is not very easy to take a baby places and understand that visits can not always happen when a baby is involved. I don’t even have kids and I understand this.

  6. Vegas: I understand quite well what it takes to tote a baby from place to place, I have 5 children my damn self. You didn’t have to use the exact word “cater” for it to sound like that’s what you meant. So, before you start talking all that crap about how well YOU understand, maybe you should stop making assumptions that the person you’re “opposing” doesn’t understand.

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