My Husband, The Animal Rights Activist

A short (very short) play.

Scene: A male (Derek) is driving the car with a female passenger (Yours Truly). The car is traveling through the boondocks where farmland and big open spaces abound.

Derek points to someone waving their arms frantically at a group of sheep. The sheep are now frantic as well as they race away from the arm-waver.

Derek: Look! Sheep herding!

Yours Truly merely raises an eyebrow.

Derek: You know, that’s got to be the cruelest thing that you can do to an animal.

Yours Truly: Herding sheep?

Derek: It’s cruel! They work allll year at growing that nice warm coat, then in you go, bzzzzzzzz, and send them out into the cold to do it all over again.

Yours Truly: Say what?

Derek: “But it’s cold,” they say. And you go, “Out! Do it again!” And that’s when they say “Baaaaa means noooooo.”

Yours Truly reaches down into her purse and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen. She begins writing.

Derek: What are you doing?

Yours Truly: I’m writing this down so I can remember to blog it.

Derek: You should title it, like, your husband, the animal rights activist.

Yours Truly: You got it, babe.


9 thoughts on “My Husband, The Animal Rights Activist

  1. Love it! Your husband is awesome! Please pass along my enthusiasm for someone standing up for sheep. They are so sweet, and he’s totally right. It does get cold, and it would be a frustrating effort – growing all that warm wool just to be stripped of it. 🙂

  2. This had me cracking up!!!

    Ok so I know you came across the border recently, but do you have any plans to venture into Seattle any time soon? I would love to see you!


  3. okay, surely he doesn’t know how the lack of lanolin on their skin results in scabs and very painful sores when they are shaved constantly for their wool. but the sentiment is there. and i, and i’m sure the sheep even more, appreciate his concern. it’s very cute. yay, derek!

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