Thank. God.



4 thoughts on “Thank. God.

  1. Even though I didn’t vote for him I really have high hopes that he is a man of character and will do and work for the things he said he would. I also pray and hope that when he is working towards those measures he does not do what that last administration did and ignore us. If he is a man of his word and does consider “we the people”? Four years from now I will be one of the people with his sign in my yard and voting for him to be re-elected to be sure.

    The American people are thirsty for a representative who will listen to them, I think. I know I am. And, honestly, since I knew my third party candidate would not win? I’m thankful it is him over the other guy.

    Congratulations to his supporters, too. I know this was a battle for them and they deserve this day.

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