A Book Review Of Sorts: Blood Noir

Dear Laurell K. Hamilton,

Please return to the original Anita Blake stories that you started the series with. The plots were fantastic, the character development was awesome and the books were amazing. Now, it’s sex sex sex orgy sex with a little tiny bit of plot thrown in.

Find some more plot. Please. You have the Merry Gentry series to write your erotica.

Thank you very much.

A reader who is thisclose to abandoning the series completely.

4 thoughts on “A Book Review Of Sorts: Blood Noir

  1. OMG! If you are creating a petition – sign me up. I swear I’m giving her one more book. If after 200 pages I’m still unsure when the plot might make an appearance and her characters who used to be interesting are still just animated sex toys… well then I’m done. I miss Jean Claude being a bad ass who’s actually a little a scary instead of a push over who lets Anita walk all over him. I really miss Anita having a job other than prostitution.

    Maybe it’s time to move on… 😦 On that note have you read any Kim Harrison? She’s my new favorit.

  2. Oooh, Vampire Porn. After all the Twilight stuff I could use some actual nookie. hehe But, yeah, I require some story further than “the toner is low in the copier would should screw” or “I’ll be needing to clean my fangs…on your boobs…” or whatever. So it’s good to have the warning and the rec. hehehe

  3. I have only read one book of this series (Circus of the Damned) but I have heard the same complaint from people who have loved these books since the beginning. I hate how authors just turn their books to crap. They should know when they can’t write a series of quality any more and quit when they are ahead. I had a similar disgust as I watched my beloved Kay Scarpetta dissolve into a character I never recognized any more.

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