Lucky Number Seven

I was tagged a while ago by the ever-so-awesome Nathan of PhilosYphia to do a meme and, uhm, I’m a slacker and never got around to it. Until now! Because better late than never, yeah?

So, without further ado, seven things about yours truly that maybe perhaps you didn’t already know.

(1) I’m really really vain. If I leave the house and I feel like I look anything less than okay, I’m constantly picking and rearranging and hiding myself. In fact, whenever I sit down, I instinctively grab and hold a pillow against my stomach so my fat isn’t visible.

(2) I am a completely miserable sick person. I catch a cold and I whine whine whine. Really, I’m miserable. I’ve been sick for the last two days and I’m lucky that my husband hasn’t killed me dead.

(3) I am very sentimental and I hang onto just about everything. The intention is to scrapbook it later, but I haven’t actually completed a scrapbook in years. Which means I just have boxes of ticket stubs, flyers, photos, and other miscellaneous junk that I can’t bear to throw away.

(4) I am constantly waging war with my hair. It’s too frizzy, too dry, too coarse, too anything but perfect. So I cut it all off. New year, new cut, yeah? Now it’s too short. Sigh. I’ll never win.

(5) I have over a dozen books on writing. Hasn’t gotten a finished manuscript out of me yet…

(6) I would really like to take up knitting. I, however, lack the space for yarn. Plus, I have a bad habit of picking up hobbies (like scrapbooking), getting all the supplies for said hobby and then… abandoning hobby. I always come back to it, but there’s sometimes years in between.

(7) I have always wished that I didn’t have quite such a.. hmm… wholesome appearance. I said once that I wanted to try to look more punk. The reception was such, “Courtney? Punk? She could have spikes on a collar and she’d still look CUTE.”

I’m not tagging anyone ’cause that’s how I roll, but let me know in the comments if you decided to play along.


9 thoughts on “Lucky Number Seven

  1. Aw, thanks for playing along, Courtney! Awesome.

    (1) Funny how WE think a person looks good all the time (such as yourself) and yet that person thinks they’re always, “not quite right”. I’m constantly like that. Drives me up a wall that I can’t just be ok with it.

    (3) I used to do exactly that and broke the habit some years ago when I had a revelation that it just didn’t matter. Took me a long time to sort through and actually take that first bag to the garbage, though. πŸ™‚

    (7) I find great amusement in looking at people who are “wholesome”-looking and trying to decide what they’re really like when they’re alone. You know, you always hear of that sweet, timid wisp of a woman as being the sex maniac or the handsome and suave doctor as being a biker that loves to go to Burning Man and play with explosives in the nude. People hide so much sometimes.

  2. (7) I keep trying to tell my husband that I’m mysterious but he just laughs. It’s very disheartening. I personally feel that the “wholesome” look is much more interesting than say… slutty πŸ™‚ With slutty you know what you’re getting. With wholesome you never know – much much more fun to find out.

  3. I am with you on the scrapbooking thing…I have a hard time throwing away all ticket stubs, play brochures, maps of places I’ve visted…and they just collect dust. All of my pictures are online, anyway! So now I just save my Steelers ticket stubs…had to minimize my life!

  4. I always wanted to look more edgy, more fearsome almost. Can never pull it off. I have a round happy face that is just too wholesome to ever look dangerous. I thought people would take me more seriously if I didn’t look like a librarian.

  5. I do the pillow thing. I do the look thing. Esp the wholesome part. Then I had one sig other tell me what a good thing it was because hadn’t I heard the old saying? Men want a lady in the street and freak…well you know the rest. So then I found myself thinking, “Well, cool…so this is kind of mysterious, right?” hehe And the hobbies thing TOTALLY. I’ve always wanted to knit a blanket all by myself. (that sounds like a little kid) But I have.

    I may play along. It’s far better than the crap that has been swimming in my head lately.

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