Number Unavailable

Since Ana’s birth I’ve been a bit of a slacker in getting some important documentation taken care of. Namely, I want to make sure that Ana gets the dual citizenship that she is fully entitled to being that she has a mother who is an American citizen and a father who is a Canadian citizen.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to get this resolved and I’ve run into a complete and totally ridiculous roadblock. See, the thing is, I can prove that Ana is entitled to American citizenship (and therefore a US passport) because I can prove my own citizenship. That’s not sufficient, though. According to the US immigration website, Ana’s citizenship is granted to her automatically upon entry to the United States as long as she enters before she’s eighteen. Well, that’s fine and dandy, but I need her to have PAPERS showing that she’s a citizen.

I’m searching and searching through the site and I can’t find more information on how to get this accomplished so I begin a new search for the phone number. I find the number to call immigration services and dial.

“This number is unavailable from your calling area.”

What? It’s an immigration number. Let’s try again.

“This number is unavailable from your calling area.”

Wow. Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that an immigration hotline, for the purpose of asking immigration questions, ONLY WORKS FROM INSIDE THE USA? Do they really think that the majority of their customers are ALREADY IN THE US*?

Guess I’ll be going through the US Consulate to get all this sorted out. Ridiculous.

*And yes, I’m taking into consideration people trying to bring in family members and people there illegally. I still don’t think that those people make up the majority of the people with immigration questions.


10 thoughts on “Number Unavailable

  1. From all I can see, this document should be what you need. And once you get this record, then you should apply for A’s passport right after. Once she has that, she’ll never need the above unless it expires.

    Good luck! We have to do similar for Keston, who is dual American/Australian. But handy for them! πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe the calling area is just your town. Maybe try calling it from some other area, like my house? (hint?)

    I have been planning to get my British passport for years, even filled out the paperwork, but haven’t gotten off my ass to get the documentation and get it sent in. So good on you for your persistence.

  3. Oy I hate immigration stuff! It’s WAY worse in France though if that’s any consolation! Hopefully the document that Nathan gave you is the correct one! If not hopefully the consulate is the only hoop you have to jump through! Good luck! (I’ll stop using exclamation points eventually, I am just trying to make my quota for the day πŸ˜› )

  4. I have had many issues with immigration b/c we used to attempt to hire international RNs at my hospital. It’s a bitch. I think it very well may be the most confusing government department to deal with, and that’s saying a lot!! Good luck finding what you need!!

  5. Oy vey… Jody and I are about to go through a mountain of paperwork so I can get a more permanent visa to work in Australia. We’re here already. He’s Australian-Canadian-British (gah! and that paperwork wasn’t a barrel of fun either). He’s married to me. BUT we have to fill out (and get family and friends to fill out) paperwork stating that we are in a lasting and genuine relationship, in order to prove that we intend to stay in Australia together as a couple, so that I can work for longer than a year.
    At least you have a US Consulate nearby (it sounds like?) – that should help. The Australian consulate was a few hours away and Jody had to go in person for an interview before they’d grant him his citizenship. So good luck to you. If you have any extra luck, pass it on over.

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