Lucky You – Three Memes In One Post

I swear to Hades, people, my brain is fried. Lucky for you, not so fried that I can’t be a trendy follower and post up some memes for ya. The 25 things one is on my Facebook as well so likely you’ve all already seen it, but whatevs. Read it again.

First. 25 Things About Me. ‘Cause 100 Things wasn’t enough.

(1) I love cupcakes. I think that they’re beautiful and tasty and fun and I love them.

(2) I put $70 onto an online poker site and was actually able to play with the same money for a year and a half before I ran out. I’m not that great at poker, but I’m not always terrible.

(3) I’m going to Mexico in April! Tickets were purchased yesterday and I’m ridiculously excited. Yay for my friends getting married in the Mayan Riviera!

(4) I used to read obsessively. Now, because I’m way too much of an internet geek, I read far less. It bothers me. In fact, once I finish this note, I’m shutting the computer for a bit and reading a book. So there.

(5) I get really attached to people and have a very hard time letting go. It’s why I love sites like Facebook where I can find people from my past.

(6) I’m not religious. At all. Yet somehow, I manage to have a lot of very religious friends. Not just religion-lite, but the real deal. Sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable because I used to be very religious, too.

(7) I dressed like a tramp whenever I went to church when I was younger. It wasn’t intentional. Well, I wanted to look HOT, but not so much like a hooker.

(8) I haven’t seen a lot of movies that supposedly EVERYBODY has seen. Pulp Fiction was one of those until a few years ago when I watched it and didn’t like it. Yup, that’s right. I didn’t like Pulp Fiction.

(9) I am completely and totally obsessed with Lost. I love all the mysteries, the twists… I’m madly in love with Desmond. I watched the first four seasons in a period of about two months and now I wait eagerly for Wednesday’s when I have Lost parties with an awesome similarly obsessed friend.

(10) I find it weird when people tell me that I’m strong because I don’t think that I am. At all. I can never come up with anything that I’ve done that would give them reason to think that I’m strong.

(11) I don’t cry in front of my friends. I get really weird about it. I called my best friend in tears last night and I think I shocked the hell out of her. I think she was afraid that someone had died. (No one had.)

(12) I function mostly fine on very little sleep. Eventually though, I get really giddy. Then I get really emotional and will cry in frustration.

(13) I overuse the word really.

(14) Next on my list of places I’d like to travel is Greece. I’m fascinated with Greece and I cannot wait to set foot there.

(15) My favorite movie is The Princess Bride and I can quote extensively from it. And will. At random times.

(16) If I ever manage to lose the 50 lbs that I want to drop, I’m going to have professional semi-nude pictures taken. No, I won’t put them on Facebook or the blog or any other public site.

(17) I love reading and studying about body image in women. Eating disorders and general self-esteem issues are really interesting. My own opinion of my own body is lousy.

(18) I have so many songs on my iTunes that I can’t name every one as it comes up on my shuffle. Like right now, some song is playing and I really like it, but I have no idea who does it or what album it’s off it. I’m also too lazy to get up and check because my iPod is on its dock and not playing off the computer.

(19) I love Apple. I would probably buy an Apple product JUST because it’s Apple and not because I need it. I love them that much. I won’t pressure PC people to change, though. I’m not one of THOSE crazy Mac fans. (But I will say that once you go Mac, you’ll never go back. Hee.)

(20) I beat Guitar Hero on the easy level and I’m too intimidated by that damn blue button to try to do it on medium.

(21) I read a book called Youth In Revolt over ten years ago and it remains in my list of top favorite books. I just found out that it’s going to be made into a movie soon which has me both a bit excited and bit nervous. I always get nervous about favorite books being made into movies.

(22) My favorite author is Jennifer Crusie. I got to meet her (on a few different occasions, actually) and I was just as nervous as if I was meeting a bona fide rock star. She’s fantastic. I’d still be nervous around her, though. I can’t help it. She’s like, my idol. Her books are so well-written!

(23) I used to buy a lot of movies and then I would never watch them. I still have movies in their shrink wrap. New house rule: No buying movies unless they’re Disney classics and/or for the kid. We NEVER watch movies at home.

(24) I really don’t like football and I’m really annoyed that the Super Bowl is on right now so everybody is busy with Super Bowl stuff. BLEGH.

(25) I don’t like coffee. Or cider. Or tea. Or any hot drink excepting hot chocolate.


This one is courtesy of Odette and looks like fun so here goes. I’m supposed to take the fourth picture from the fourth album in my pictures folder and post it up for y’all to see. It’ll be an old one because all my pictures are sorted by date, but here goes. Actually, heh, turns out it’s not that old.


That’s my cat trying to fit into a box that’s far too small for her. I was still pregnant and trying to put away baby clothes.


Last, but not least, comes this bookish meme from Toni. I’m supposed to grab the book nearest to me (When Christ And His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman) and go to page 56. Then type the fifth line and the next two to five lines that follow.

There were many men, though, drawn by her brazen earthiness, reassured by her easygoing approachability. And for the others, there was Sybil; tall and slender, with small wrists and feet, high breasts and unblemished skin, so prideful and poised that a man could easily indulge in fantasy, could pretend he was bedding a lady.

Heh. Of course, that particular section would be about a prostitute.

No tags ’cause that’s not how I roll, but feel free to take part if you’d like. Let me know if you do.


11 thoughts on “Lucky You – Three Memes In One Post

  1. I love, love, LOVE Jennifer Crusie too! I am a member of her message boards but haven’t looked at it recently because no one was posting regularly and it drove me crazy to check back and not see any new answers. AND, I just gave my favorite Cruise book (“Bet Me”) to one of my best friends b/c I had to share it. Yay!!! I’m so glad you love her too! I would be the same way if I ever met her!

  2. As if I don’t have enough books that I’m “reading” right now- I will have to crack open the Cruise book I got for xmas last year. Will that make 4 or 5 books that I am partially into??? Hmm…

    Loved the 25 things about you. Seems like we have a few things in common. Maybe if I can find the time I’ll give it a try.

    Good to see you back. I’ve been stalking your blog for weeks. 🙂

  3. I had to laugh when I read the bit about Pulp Fiction because I’ve never, ever seen it. Still. It’s one of those cult classics that I feel like I should watch, but I’m just convinced that I wouldn’t like it. Someday, though, just so I know what everyone’s talking about.

  4. Oh, and Jennifer Crusie… one of her books, I think it was Bet Me (I had to leave nearly all my books in storage so I can’t lay a finger on it now) had me craving chicken marsala for weeks. I finally had to find a recipe and make it.

  5. Me, me, me on No. 5! I hate it a little even though I am a little glad I am that way, too. And I watch Lost. And I have met Jennifer Crusie as well and she is just a doll.

    And why were you crying? Are you OK?

  6. 3. That’s where we went on our honeymoon, you’ll have a fabulous time.

    8. Me either. I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction, I’ve never seen Star Wars and numerous others.

    9. Me too. It’s Wednesday!!!

    14. Let’s go to Greece. It’s been my number 1 destination for a long time now. I have summers off, let’s hit it.

    16. I think Boudoir Photos are fabulous and I’ve totally thought about them as a reward for someday reaching my weight-loss goals.

    22. Ah Jenny, that’s how we met!

    25. I hate coffee, even the smell. But I like the others.

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