Best Weight Loss Plan EVER

Step One: Wake up sick with a nasty cold and (very important) no appetite.

Step Two: Go to a concert (more about that later) with said cold and scream and holler despite your throat burning.

Step Three: Return home from aforementioned concert and proceed to cough so hard and so violently that you throw up not once, not even twice or thrice, but four times.

Step Four: Remain sick for two more days.

Step Five: Regain appetite approximately five minutes after having your two remaining wisdom teeth extracted (in a manner that has caused significant more pain the the preceding tooth extractions if you feel that info is important).

Step Six: Whine bitterly. And loudly. To anyone who will listen.

My poor husband.


9 thoughts on “Best Weight Loss Plan EVER

  1. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had a general anesthetic, which made it not very painful but also caused me to barf a lot after I woke up, so it’s probably good that you didn’t go that route.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Bugger! I was hoping this round of toothiness (so to speak) would go better for you…DOH. Here’s hoping you get lots of shakes and other fun drinks during and a quick recovery back to normality and chewing ice. 😉

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