Please Name My Car

Cars are funny things. If you’re anything like me, you don’t get super-attached to your vehicle, but nevertheless, it plays a big role in your life. If your car is having a bad day, well, so are you. If your car is rocking, well, you’re probably having a pretty good time. In typing that last sentence, I meant it completely different than it came out, but that works too, I guess!

My first car was a 1983 Volkswagon Jetta. I liked it, it was alright. She was a pumpkin color and rattled a lot and didn’t last long enough to receive a name. I was in a hurry to move onto a vehicle that I’d like much better.

The Little Bugga That Could was fantastic. She was a 1973 Volkswagon SuperBeetle and we had some gooooood times together. She was a bit weak and hills were a bit of a workout for the old girl, but we chugga-chugged on through until rust damage and an unfortunately accident caused her untimely death.

Ol’ Smokey came next. This Mazda RX-7 from the 80’s was a lot of fun to ride in, but the guy who sold it to me wasn’t kidding when he told my dad and I that there were engine problems. I couldn’t drive more than a few miles without smoke starting to pour from underneath the hood.

My Pontiac Grand Am was probably one of my nicer vehicles actually, but I was young then and I hated that it wasn’t a “cool” car. I called her the Pontica Grand Ma.

My last car, the Focus, never had a name because I had no real attachment to it, but my current car – I loooove my current car. I’ve returned to my love of Volkswagon and have driven my pretty little Golf since July. It dawned on me the other day that my car has no name and this is just wrong.

Problem is? I can’t come up with anything good. So here. Help a sister out. Name my car, please? She’s a midnight blue VW Golf and she’s fun and she’s fast. Whatcha got for me?


16 thoughts on “Please Name My Car

  1. Ha, ha… I kinda like Midnight Driver. Blue Lightning is what came to my mind.

    I usually give my cars real names. My first car was a 79 Ford Pinto (which I loved, no sarcasm) that I inherited from my parents, she was already named Bessie. Then I had a 79 Ford Mustang that I called Sally (Mustang Sally…not very original). I had a New Yorker that talked to me in a man’s voice, he was known as Hank. And on it goes. I’ve had a lot of cars, but they’ve always had names too. Except my Bonneville (current), that I generally refer to as the CrapMobile or GhettoWagon.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hmmm. I like to use spy like code names. You know, words about five to six letters long with flexible meanings?

    How about: Whisk, Volt, Streak, Pronto, Presto or Swift

  3. All I can come up with is Night Rider but that sound slike that cheesy 80’s TV show. So how about Midnight Rider?

    I used to name my cars too and then had two I hated so I never named them. But now I have one I LOVE and need a name too. Pewter Toyota Camry…what do you think?

  4. Blue Streak, Streak for short like Erin suggests?
    Wings, or Wings on Wheels – WOW for short??
    Jazz (best Transformer ever)
    for laughs, Speedy Golfzales?

    And the hubby has two for you:

    Low Noon (because your car is midnight, the opposite of high noon!?)

  5. I just went to a heavily advertised site for car buyers in order to get a good look at the car I’m attempting to name. I felt the site lacked appropriate search features, despite the fact that easy searching is one of the main selling points in those bloody adverts. Anyway…

    I suspect one or more of the above posts influenced this, but, when I located a decent view of the car, the name “Myra” popped into my head. Doesn’t seem fitting, but I’m throwin’ in out there nonetheless.

    My real suggestion is: The Blue Flame.

  6. Court – never had a car named Fiona. Had Sam, The Red Rocket, Jean Gray and now am driving my Explorer who we fondly call Whitey Ford.

    tee hee hee

  7. Funny thing is, my first car was a Pontiac Grand Am and everyone thought it was the coolest car ever but me. It had no name, it was just a car.

    The car I have now, which I love, is named Poppit. Primarily because of the Pirates of the Caribbean quote “‘ello Poppit” and, because, well… The Honda Fit does look poppit-ish. 🙂

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