Back To The Future

This post is a contribution to Nathan’s fabulous blog-off. Visit the link for the rest of the participants and further information. A portion of the proceeds are being contributed to The March Of Dimes, an oh-so-worthy charity.

This week’s topic: You are allowed, through the miracles of science, to travel into the past for a span of no more than 24 hours. You are allowed to take with you ONE piece of current modern technology with which you may change the lives of ONE family that you can visit during your stay. Assuming that there are no long-term, widespread disastrous outcomes from this altering of the timeline, when and where would you go, what piece of technology would you take with you to leave with them and why, and what do you think the experience would be like?

You must choose a time of at least 1909 or earlier to return to. You must be able to physically carry or roll the item along with you. Be aware that it has to actually work with the other resources they have – IE: they won’t have the Internet, so email isn’t going to work.

I gotta admit, I was thinking long and hard on this topic and I was coming up with air. As in nothing. As in nothing that didn’t require at least one additional piece of technology.

Then it came to me. It made me laugh, but it came to me.

I’d bring Prozak to Sylvia Plath. I know, it sounds awful, but hear me out! I am not a supporter of anti-depressants for the masses. Having been through a severe depression that at one point landed me in the hospital, I am easily irritated by people crying wolf and getting drugs. True depression, true Sylvia Plath depression is ugly. It is selfish, it is brutal, it is hideous and in most cases is a chemical imbalance.

Sylvia Plath was one of our great minds. An absolutely amazing writer. Can you only imagine the stunning works that we’ve missed out on because mental illness got the best of this woman? That, my friends, is why I’d pick up a bottle of the best – Prozak – and hand-deliver those goods.


8 thoughts on “Back To The Future

  1. I’m not familiar with Sylvia Plath, but I am familiar with prozac. Excellent choice of an item to take to someone.

    As a mom and wife to people on anti-depressants, I’m all for them!

  2. Points for hilarity…points for thoughtfulness…but Sylvia Plath wouldn’t have needed Prozac until the fifties?
    This topic was hard! Where are the one-worders, eh?

  3. Other than the fact that Sylvia wasn’t around till the 1930s and the task was to be before 1909 😉 , a great idea. I’ve never read Sylvia Plath, to be honest. Will have to add her to my list, which is forever long.

    Edgar Allen Poe could probably use a Prozac and a vacation. A long one.

  4. Though I’m all for mental health, I wonder how medication would have affected her work. Many writers and artists who go on a type of stabalizing medication often go off it because they can’t write, paint, sculpt, etc with it. True breakthroughs, unfortunetly, come at the cost of emotional or mental stability. (And yes, I speak of one on one such medications.)

  5. That is hillarious! Yes, I agree with Henry, VanGough or Picasso wouldn’t have been the same if they hadn’t been nuts. You gotta be a little crazy…

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