Perhaps It's Time For Another Update


I bought a new house.

I moved into the new house.

I got a new job.

My new job announced budget cuts and lay-offs.

I’ve somehow managed to keep my new job, but with limited to no hours, so really, what’s the point? I don’t know, but I’m sticking this out.

I got a second new job to help fill in the gaps and make ends meet.

I found out my grandmother has cancer.

Two weeks ago she was put in the hospital because her lungs keep filling with fluid.

Three days ago she was given a week to two weeks to live.

I went down to visit grandmother.

My car got broken into and my gps navigation system was stolen.

It cost me twice the cost of the nav system to replace my shattered window.

That was this morning. Now I’m at home. And I’m tired. And I’m sad.


8 thoughts on “Perhaps It's Time For Another Update

  1. Awww, hon, hang in there. Cuddle your baby – excuse me, toddler – and just enjoy that moment. It won’t make everything else better or go away, but it is a reminder that there is still something good in your life.

  2. Why does everything seem to happen all at once. I am going through a similar time and am wondering how I will get through. I will be thinking of you and praying for your grandma and you. 🙂

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