Music On My Mind

My second job is working in a music/dvd/games/book store with the emphasis on the music and the movies so I have music and movies on my mind a lot these days. You may see a lot of brief posts on songs or artists in the future. But hey, short and sweet and musical is better than radio silence, yeah?

That said, I saw a friend of a friend make this comment about Lady Gaga on Facebook and I had to share because it made me snort with laughter.

During an opium bender David Bowie and Barbara Streisand had a male lovechild which they immediately bedazzled and then he grew up to get a botched sex change; and that is the story of Lady GaGa.

Not my quote, but hilarious and I wish I’d thought of it because it’s damn funny. And I actually secretly like Lady Gaga even if I think that she’s batshit crazy.


6 thoughts on “Music On My Mind

  1. OMG. I was watching Video Hits today and they were playing Poker Face – I can’t stand that song, but it’s hard to tear your eyes away. Thanks for the giggle Courtney.

    Up until last month I was doing pretty well at one post a week… November, not so much. Good to have a snippet from you! I’ll rustle up something soon. Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

  2. Well, you’re right about the batshit crazy part. And that second job sounds like….fun, actually. I mean, as far as jobs go. You could always be forced to do something for $5/hour with hot tar.

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