Oh My God Y'all

I just cleared my blog reader for the first time in, oh, I don’t know, FOUR MONTHS. That, my friends, is an accomplishment. Now can I keep up with it?

Ooooh, and guess what?? So I’ve posted before about the oh so awesome gifts that my husband gets at his company xmas party each year. I’m too lazy to find the posts and link to them, but in the past there’s been huge gift cards to Sears, a tv, another tv, and uhm, another tv. Oh, and a Sony Handycam. We always tend to win the tv. Not sure what’s up with that. ANYWHO. This year, they did the gift giving by seniority ranking and the higher seniority, the prettier the gift. I could not be more ecstatic with what Derek unwrapped this year. People, we now have a brand-new shiny 24″ flat screen iMac. Can you hear my squee-ing from where you are? ‘Cause it’s been two weeks and I don’t think I’ve stopped. So happy, so so so happy. Yay. Love it.

I’m keeping pretty busy these days between my two jobs (for example: I’m in the middle of an eight day work week here and one of those days was a 14 hour day including travel time). I’m trying to fit visiting my family while they’re in Seattle around Christmas-time in there somewhere and my pseudo-nephew’s third birthday party and all these other crazy social gatherings that I have this month…. gah, so busy.

I’m trying to read like a fiend to get some more books tallied before the end of the month. I keep getting distracted by the internet, though. Guess maybe I should go read now…? Okay. I’m going to go read.

Muah! Miss everybody and yay, I can comment on your blogs now because I’m all caught up!


8 thoughts on “Oh My God Y'all

  1. Dang! Super nice!

    This Christmas my husbands company have decided to play scrooge. A few months ago, they made them sign a paper saying that they understand they will not get their Christmas bonuses . . . ever again. 😦

  2. We just do Kris Kringle. I got a wallet. But hey, I have a job.

    Our staff dinner was last night at a Singaporean Chilli Crab restaurant with pale pink velvet curtains and a chandelier that looked like a hookup between Mardi Gras and a six year old’s play jewellery – with those swirly energy lights. Niiiiiice.

  3. Wow, that is a NICE company he works for. 🙂 We don’t get gifts any more, haven’t for about three years.

    I am trying to read more too and cram things into the end of the year. I am way behind how much I read last year.

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