Some Thoughts

I want a new blog layout. But I’m cheap and broke. And I want to design it myself. Again. But I also lack the coding skills necessary to code any layout I might eventually come up with. I just know how proud I felt after I designed this and got to see it live up here on the internet (thanks to a kind soul who coded it for me). I mean, I can alter code and all, but I can’t just come up with all willy-nilly.

I’ve actually been contemplating closing this place up and starting over again somewhere else. You all could come along, but just for the sake of a fresh start. Does that sound insane if I keep the same readers and the same everything except domain?

Having the Olympics in your hometown is a bit surreal. I go through my everyday life while less than 30 miles away Olympic athletes are strutting their stuff. It’s bizarre. And sometimes overwhelming, especially since I’m American (dur) living in Canada. My patriotism is confused. I don’t know who to cheer for.

I’m really struggling and working hard at getting my diabetes under control. I have to do this. For me. For Ana. Willpower sucks.

I’m looking for some good new tunes to listen to. And a good new snappy ringtone for my phone. Suggestions? I like a lot of indie rock, especially female artists like Lisa Hannigan, Lykke Li, and Neko Case. I need dance-ish (but not popular, please) music for a ringtone. It’s okay if it was popular five years ago.

I’m once again switching things up on the job front. My new, but full of lay-off situations, job is coming to an end. By my choice. I’m just tired of being “on-call.” And tired of being left to work the graveyard shift ALONE in the basement of a side building of a hospital that security barely patrols. Grrr. I have a new job that I start next month and this one might be a keeper. I’m really excited and ready to start it, even though it means daycare.

Ah, daycare. I found a woman who is a stay-at-home and she’s going to watch my little girl. I think I’m going to freak the eff out when I drop Ana off on the first day. ‘Cause yikes. A stranger. With my baby. Responsible for her. How in the world am I going to do this? How do people do this? Seriously.

This blog has been on my mind an awful lot lately. I feel bad that I don’t post, but I feel like I have absolutely nothing of consequence to say. I guess you guys don’t mind that much if I babble, no?

I’m doing the 3 Day Walk again. That’s right, folks. I’m walking 60 miles over 3 days and that means… you guessed it. Fundraising. I need to raise $2300 by September. You will see lots of posts in the coming weeks and months asking for donations, talking about my story, throwing around some fundraising ideas and… maybe even… another blog-off? It’s a possibility. If I can get my shitsnowski together between now and then.

One of my very best friends in the whole world is moving several states away from me and this move happens in just 36 (35 now?) days. I’m going to miss her so very very much.

I hate to end on an uneven number (even though I haven’t actually numbered the randomness), but it’s almost 1:30 in the morning and I am far more tired than I realized. Peace out, lovelies.


7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts

  1. Courtney, I was thinking of another blog-off too, maybe in a month or so. I hope your job change is a good one.
    It’s weird for me being in Australia and cheering for Canada, but I do. I am so proud of our athletes…and I really hope the stress and budget and media will all add up to a profitable choice for Vancouver too.
    Music? If you like rock-ish stuff, you might enjoy Marianas Trench, or Mobile (albums I have are Masterpiece Theatre & Tomorrow Starts Today, respectively). Some of Marianas’ stuff reminds me of Hedley, and Mobile’s Canadian. And there’s an Aussie band I like called The Temper Trap.
    Corrine Bailey Rae (British) is pretty funky but sweet, and I have her album from 2007 (?) – I hear she’s got a new one out now.

  2. I love random blog posts! I moved my blog, but tried to keep my readers too. Just because I’ve changed doesn’t mean that my “friends” have to change too. (What? You think you’re too good for us now? :)) For music, I’m not saying you’ll like these just that this is what I’m listening to: Silversun Pickups, Flyleaf, Cloud9… that’s all I can think of at the moment. If you do a blogathon, I’m in!

  3. I have been taking some design and Dreamweaver courses in my program at school – if you want I could give your new blog design a shot – for free, just for the practice. Let me know!

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