Not Gonna Lie

It has been an awfully rough six or seven months, whatever it’s been now. It was just in November that I lost a loved grandmother. Then my dad had and was treated for cancer in January. Now it’s May and last week, still in April, I lost another grandma.

It’s been hard, but there have been a lot of good things to carry through it all. It just doesn’t happen in such monumental post-worthy occasions, yeah?

So, things are good. My dad is fine. They caught the cancer by accident and therefore super early and he’s fine. I’m sad, but ok. I handle grief in weird ways so my friends probably think that I’m cracked out, but really, all is well.

And now the screaming tantrum-y child on my lap is demanding my attention. C’est la vie.


3 thoughts on “Not Gonna Lie

  1. Oh, hon. That does sound awful. I’m so sorry! At least they caught your dad’s cancer early, but to lose both grandmothers and then to go through such a health scare with your father would be so difficult.

  2. That is an awful lot to handle. Believe me, I can relate. It is good to focus on the good things and that is wonderful news about your father. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. There has been too much loss lately.

  3. Dear friend, sad to hear that. Regards from Malaysia. As i’m having the same thing you’re having. Only that i’ve lost one grandma many years back, and another grand ma still healthy, but my dad is not healthy anymore. It’s hard to take the fact at first, but i’m still going through it, to take care of my dad. Cheers my friend.

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