Lashing Out

For the last several hours I’ve been sitting on my couch and wondering how, and if, I should respond to the allegations that I was hit with today.

Part of me thought that I should just shrug it off and move on. A bigger part of me, the part that is writing this note, is hurt enough that I need to address this and I need to do it publicly so that I can move the hell on and away from it.

I found out today that because a portion of the funds that I have raised for my walk (about $1100 raised at an event a week or so ago) have not been posted to my fundraising website, that I must be pocketing the funds.


I am so stunned that someone thinks that I would stoop so low as to pocket funds meant to go towards the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure. I don’t think that the person who thinks that knows me at all. What they’re accusing me of is of using my own mother’s death for my financial gain. My mother DIED because of breast cancer. I lost her and I can never EVER have her back, no matter how badly I might wish it. And trust me. I do. I miss her so much every single FUCKING day. I walk in this walk because it’s all that I feel like I can do to prevent someone else from going through what I went through. What my sister went through. What my dad went through.

I sit here and I’m heartbroken.

My beautiful husband, who did this fundraising on my behalf, has said that he feels as though the accusations are more towards him than towards me. To that, I say bullshit. Because this is MY cause. This is MY walk and this is MY fundraising. If you’re saying that Derek is pocketing the funds, you’re saying that *I’M* allowing that to happen and that I’m allowing that to happen under my pet charity’s name and in memory of my mother.

So to wrap up this angry and heartbroken rant, fuck you for presuming to know me and what I’m all about. Thank you for making me wonder which one of my friends is thinking that about me. Maybe next time you should take a moment and ask me what the situation is before you start talking with other people about my integrity.

I assure you that if you are making a donation towards me and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure, that IS where the money is going. I’m sorry if anybody has ever made you feel that that’s in doubt. Please donate with confidence. I do this for my mom and I would never dare to dishonor her memory by using any donated funds to my own benefit. It makes me sick to even think it.


6 thoughts on “Lashing Out

  1. I have no words. I am in utter shock that someone would actually think that, let alone accuse you of it. People never cease to amaze me with their bullshit. I am so sorry you had to go through this. From all your real friends, we know the truth and are so proud you do this every year. Let those haters hate and be done with them.

    I read this after hearing something else unspeakable someone said about a dear friend of mine. I can not understand what is wrong with people today.

  2. I’m so sorry that happened to you. What a jerk!!

    From far away, and knowing you only through our blogs, I know you to be an honest, caring, ethical person. Don’t give this jerk any more time, I say.

    I’m sorry you lost your mom to breast cancer. That really sucks, and I’m so sorry to hear it. These words don’t convey my true feelings–I just lost a friend to this crappy disease, and no one should have to go through what you’ve been through.

    Hugs from cyberspace.

  3. The accusation is appalling. I’m so sorry you’re living that right now. Anyone who would say such a thing does not know the beautiful and passionate person you are at all. For being so cold, I hope they never get that opportunity. Hang in there, kitten.

  4. Thank you to everybody for commenting and for supporting me. It was a tough accusation to deal with, but I think the matter has been addressed and squashed. It better have been by now!

  5. Hi! I am sorry this happened to you. I have a friend who’s walking the 3-Day here in Philadelphia..he lost his mom to breast cancer in his senior year of high school. Here’s something for you to read. Google…”The Law of the Garbage Truck.” Whoever accused you of this is a garbage truck. Read and you’ll know what I mean. Good luck this coming weekend!

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