Fourth Of July Weekend

I learned a few things over this past fourth of July weekend spent largely with my family.

1) All it takes is a family of raccoons living in the treehouse for my family to be entertained for HOURS. Both in watching the raccoons (including two babies) and in debating the merits of letting them remain there and charging admission to this “nature refuge” vs the merits of draping their hides over the railing as a warning to future potential tenants of the treehouse. The majority of the family is for letting them stay. The homeowner is for draping the hides.

2) A full bottle of tequila does not last nearly as long as it probably should.

3) One two year old is capable of holding the attention of ten adults even when she’s sleeping.

4) If you’re picky when you order your food or drink (one shot of vanilla vodka in a martini glass that has to be chilled) in a restaurant, you will NEVER live it down.

5) Talking louder will only result in someone talking even louder over you.

I love my family. The whole crazy lot of them.


4 thoughts on “Fourth Of July Weekend

  1. hey chica!
    Hope everything is going ok for you. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you or call you while in the states. I had alot to do, and a family issue came up at the end which took a bit of my free time away.
    Your post is funny, as usual. Who ordered vanilla vodka in a chilled martini glass? Was that you? I knew you were picky, but….

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