Job Stress

I am very very concerned for my job.

I took this job last October on a 1 year maternity leave contract. My contract is up at the end of November. I know that my employer really likes me. I know that I am useful and valued and that they want to keep me. The question is whether or not they can afford to.

The department that I work in is just two of us. There’s too much work for one person, but not quite enough for two. When this other girl comes back, there is definitely not enough work for three. My partner is retiring in the next year or two. But she can’t retire earlier.

I offered to go to 4 days a week so that I would qualify for my student loan and also help out the company in that they wouldn’t be paying me as much (even if they gave me a raise, they’d still be saving money) and they wouldn’t be paying me for vacation days or statutory holidays, etc. My boss seemed really excited about that, said yes, put your application in for student aid, I’ll talk to the powers that be and we’ll work it out.

That was two weeks ago. I’ve since put in my student aid application, had it approved and told my boss that December 1st is when I would go to 4 days a week (I have to otherwise I void my student aid application – i have to be under 32 hours a week to get the aid).

Three days ago she called me into her office to ask me how long I’d need the 4 day work week for. I answered with 8 months to a year as I have up to a year to complete my course and I am hoping to work my ass off and finish it as soon as possible.

She answered with a non-committal uh-huh and said that was it.

And now I’m sitting here just waiting… and wondering what’s going to happen.

My partner and I spent a lot of time talking about it this morning. She’s afraid that she’s going to be made superfluous and let go because the girl coming back is our boss’ favorite. I wish I could say that my boss doesn’t play favorites, but she totally does and she’s been riding my partner for the last six months to a year. It does almost seem like she’s trying to annoy/harass her into early retirement. It won’t work, but that’s what it seems like.

I am stressed the hell out. If I’m going to be jobless in a month, I’d like to know so that I can start looking or that I can adjust my student aid. I’ll still need to find a part-time job even if I get maximum aid, but at least I’d know so that I can start this process going.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I drive to work and I wonder if I’m going to hear something. I drive home and I think about my options.

People, I am freaking out. Wish me luck. And a job. And a 4-day work week. GAH.


One thought on “Job Stress

  1. New to the blog world and you’ve written quite the adventure! Any chance I can read the stuff in the middle? I’m curious to see what you’ve gone through and how you’ve come out on the other end so positive.

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