Wasting My Time

I am not, even remotely, a fan of websites wasting my time. 

I went to a uber popular dating site today, egged on by a girlfriend over the weekend, and I thought that okay, I’d check it out. 

The registration started out pretty standardly- name, location, age, marital status, etc etc. I still put separated because I have a THING about lying about my marital status even if I’m divorced in all ways but on paper. (Side note: this is due to the mandatory one year separation period required by the province of BC as well as due to the fact that this way I can maintain prescription coverage through D’s employer.) 

I continue on through the next 500 billion pages of questions about who am I am and why I am and ohmygod I look like a horrible person because I don’t donate to charity all that I am financially capable of.

A good 20-25 minutes and a lot of exasperation later, I hit finish on the final page and… 

“Sorry, but this site is only for single people and your marital status indicates that this is not so.” 

Uh. And you couldn’t have flagged me for that on THE FIRST PAGE and saved me 18-23 minutes of my time? 

Which then leads me to my next question. Am I stupid for being so adamant about not saying I’m divorced when I’m merely separated? In my mind, I don’t want to start a relationship based on a lie/falsehood about how connected I am to somebody else. 

I know that D put divorced on his dating profile before he even moved out of our house and clearly it worked with him and clearly C didn’t care because they dated and are now dating again. 

So am I being a stickler for no good reason?


2 thoughts on “Wasting My Time

  1. I think that by saying “separated” it implies there is a chance that you will work things out. I know that you are all but divorced on paper, so why not call it that? It’s what you are, sure, not TECHNICALLY.

    That being said, you do have the opportunity to “come clean” once you’ve met someone.

  2. Yup, I’m with Meg on this one; if there’s zero chance you’re getting back together, call a spade a spade. But you’re VERY right insomuch as they should have stopped you back at the beginning and said, “Oh…uhm….we can’t help you.” That’s stupid website programming.

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