Making Tough Decisions

It looks like I have another tough decision coming up.

Those who follow me on Twitter may recall that just under two months ago, I was tweeting a lot about my cat. 

She started wheezing late September. Initially, I thought it was a hairball. Same body posture, same/similar sounds, but nothing ever came up. I realized I would need to take her to the vet to get checked out. I figured it would be nothing big, maybe change her diet to prevent hairballs or something. 

I did not anticipate her lungs being filled with fluid. The vet put her on medication and I took her back a week later to hear that she sounded much improved. We did some further blood work and found there was some red flagging of her kidneys, but the vet advised to simply monitor and make sure she was drinking plenty of water and peeing. 

Last week the wheezing started again. 

I just made the mistake of googling fluid in a cat’s lungs and the prognosis is not good, regardless of what the cause is. Almost everything that came up indicated that this is a recurring problem and that most of the causes of it are fatal. 

Now, I know that a google search is not a vet visit. But I also know what’s already been done to look into this for her and how much it’s cost. I feel like a horrendous pet owner, but I simply cannot (as a single mother and student) afford another go-round of trying to determine the cause of the fluid and then treating it – especially when it’s likely only another temporary fix. 

I am crushed. My daughter is going to lose her little mind. This is her Callie-belle, the cat that she loves and chases and coos at and adores. And Saturday, Callie-belle is probably not coming home. 


One thought on “Making Tough Decisions

  1. *hugs you tight* I hate those kind of decisions and the maturity and wisdom that you have to pull out and put on yourself like a coat, simply because you know what the right decision is in the big picture, despite whatever your in-the-moment heart is screaming about. It’s not one of the finer aspects of being a responsible adult. Sending you tons of strength for all this.

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