Little White Lies

I heard on the radio the other day that people are lied to, on average, 180 times every single day. Now, I have not found any evidence to support this and the number seems high initially, but if you consider advertising and how frequently you ask someone how they are and they answer with, “Fine,” or “Good,” without even really hearing you… well, maybe that number isn’t so far off base. 

I despise being lied to. Who doesn’t? Being lied to means that the person lying to you doesn’t feel like you deserve the truth. 

I understand some lies (which does not mean I want to hear them). I understand not wanting to tell somebody that their outfit is unflattering or similar white lies. What i don’t understand is lies to puff yourself up, or to try to win someone over. 

The truth comes out. It always does. I know this, better than most, because I got caught in a horrible awful lie and the ramifications of it are still felt. I KNOW and so I try not to do it anymore. 

Being lied to even ten times a day makes me remarkably sad. 180? That’s awful. 

Let’s start speaking the truth, people. 


One thought on “Little White Lies

  1. Well, I get it, but at the same time, most of that 180 times is for convenience and to lubricate the wheels of relationships. If each and every time I pass someone in the hall I answered, “How goes?” with the truth, A) I’d be tied up in conversations for a long portion of my day and B) nobody would say a word to me because boy would it be awkward. “How goes?” “Uhm, well, pretty crap, I’m horny right now but I’m at work and can’t do anything about it, eh?” ***silence***

    So I think most of that 180 is stuff like that. Social lubricant. Nothing significant. I’d put that at….say, 85%. Another 10% is things that you white lie about to avoid conflict or because, simply put, your actual opinion on a subject isn’t nearly as important as the situation moving forward without issues, such as commenting on a dress, an action, etc.

    The rest is probably stuff we should stop doing, and you’re right. Less lying == better, but no lying? Just is probably as awkward, IMHO.

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