Follow Through

Alright, girl, it’s time you followed through with some of the stuff you said you’d do. 

1) Write more. Who cares if it’s a crappy blog post like this one about goals? Nobody has to read it. Just spit the words out, sugar.

2) Do something extracurricular. I haven’t before because of cash flow, but I have a chance to sign up for at least one class coming up and, by george, I gotta do it. 

3) Actually use the gym membership that I’m paying for. I actually think I’m going to pay for 4-6 months of unlimited child care up front and then I better freaking go after I’ve shelled out that money. 

We’ll start with three. My life needs to be stop being on hold. It is time to get out there, start meeting people (male and female, I don’t need a date, just a life), and enjoying myself. 



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