I was chatting with a girlfriend earlier today and she was sending random pictures from our past. It had me going through my pictures tonight.  I was reminiscing over pictures of Mexico and it made me realize that I am far overdue for a vacation.

I was lucky enough to go to Mexico in 2009 for a friend’s wedding. The trip was not all that great as Ana was only about 9 months old and she was siiiiiick the whole time that we were there. I think there was a point, almost daily, where I considered booking Ana and I a flight home early.

Somehow, I also lucked into winning a trip to Mexico in 2011. It was both an amazing trip and a horrible trip depending at which point you talked to me.

Since my last vacation, I have been separated from my husband, I have gained and lost friends, and I have almost completed my medical transcription course. It is about time for me to get away.

So- who wants to buy me a getaway for a graduation present, hey?



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