Mood Swings

It is so bizarre to me how much medications and hormones can affect the body. This may be a post that the dudes just want to skip, just FYI.

I’ve been on some form of birth control or another for most of my adult life; for its obvious reasons as well as to help keep my body regulated and normal and on cycle. It hasn’t been until this most recent switch back to the pill from another form of contraceptive that I’ve noted how much it impacts my body.

The pros are obvious. No unwanted pregnancies. My cycle is like clockwork. It’s habitual to take my pill every night.

The cons? I’m finding that it makes me moody as all hell about a week before my period. I have NEVER had a problem with PMS until about 6 months ago when I switched up methods. I’m beginning to think it may be time for a switch up again.

Take today for example. Nice, normal, boring ol’ day. Went to work, nothing crazy (at least not that involved me). I went and picked Ana up from school and we came home where I cleaned up the house a bit and took a bath. We went over to le boy’s house and all made dinner together and I was just…. bleh. I wanted nothing more than to just curl on the couch and sleep and I felt like yelling and I had zero reason for it.

I came home and was getting ridiculously irritated with my kid ignoring my requests for putting on her pajamas and climbing into bed and was moments away from rage-ville when I stopped and caught a glimpse of my pills on the counter. Oh. Right. I’m a week out. HELLO, PMS. ¬†Stupidest part was that my daughter was actually on far better behavior than she often is.

Question is, will any of the other alternatives out there solve my problem and keep me from losing my sanity a few days out of every month while my hormones wax and wane?


2 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. So far I’m still in the green, no one has yelled at me. For all of this so called PMS, I’m sure it will sort itself out in December.

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