Infectious Joy & Hope

This video has been making the rounds of the internet. I’d caught a glimpse of it on Facebook, but didn’t watch it until this afternoon and when I did, I sobbed.

This woman is absolutely an inspiration.  Here she is, about to undergo a double mastectomy (one can only assume that this is cancer treatment, though it could also be a preventative measure) and this is how she chose to spend her preop moments.  Not in fear, not unsure of how the major surgery would go, but in dance, with a large smile on her face, spreading cheer to the staff all around her.

It should be noted that the patient is a doctor in the hospital, but do not think that this diminishes the beauty of this moment.

I remember a few months back when I was so afraid of what my test results were going to bring back. My procedure, a colonoscopy, was minor, but I was so afraid. When they went to put my IV in, the nurse made me lay back in the chair with a hot blanket because I went white as a sheet.

This woman’s bravery is something that I aspire to.


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