No Spending November Update

So I’m a week into No Spending November and so far, mostly good. There have been 2 slips, but the amount of money that I’ve saved already is great. 

November 1: I had been to the grocery store before I started the project, so that doesn’t count. There was no other spending that day.

November 2: I felt horrible breaking the rules on day 1, but we had a situation with a starving 5-year-old and too much time before we could get to food that didn’t require purchasing. Spent $9.70 at McDonald’s. 

November 3: Spent $14.80 at the grocery store. This was on bread, hot dog buns, milk, yogurt, bananas, and a cucumber. The yogurt and hot dog buns are maybes on whether or not they’re allowed, but we’re going with it. 

November 4:  Spent $0.00.

November 5: Spent $0.00.

November 6: Spent $0.00. 

November 7:  Spent $0.00.

November 8:  Caved a little bit and spent $3.44 on soda/pop/fizzy beverage. 

I had thought that breakfast was going to be my biggest problem. What I had not thought about was my complete and total addiction to diet soda. It is making me nutty. I ran out on Tuesday, but have managed to scrape up cans here and there at work for no cost. I had a 2 liter of Sprite at home that I’d forgotten about that I made last for a few days. Today was the first day where I really had none and I caved. I’m going to have to figure out some solution to help me get through the rest of the month without soda. 

I was checking out my cupboard last night and had a moment where I thought that there was no way that my food would last me, but then I saw 2 cans of soup, 4 packs of Ramen noodles, a few packages of pasta/rice sides and realized all of those could be a night apiece and those alone have me covered for over a week. I still have meat in the freezer. I can buy produce. I should be good. 

My other area of weakness is going to be tested this weekend. I’m doing a whirlwind tour of Washington State and trying to fit in quite a few visits with friends and family. I need to try to avoid picking up any fast food along the way. I have agreed to make a purchase to contribute to a family dinner on Saturday, but that cost will be minimal. 

Wish me luck as I keep at this. It’s been challenging, but I am encouraged by the fact that my bank account isn’t completely drained yet like it would be if I wasn’t on this self-imposed freeze. I would have spent the limited amount of money that it’s in there on breakfasts and maybe a fast food meal or two.

This freeze is good for me and continuing it is going to help me get out of my financial sinkhole. Like I said, I’ve already noticed where money has been saved and it’s only been one week with two slip-ups. Imagine if I can go the entire month without another slip. 


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