So my very pregnant sister is in the hospital as I write this with what we believe to be kidney stones. We’re just waiting for an update from the ultrasound now.

It has me thinking about pain. Kidney stones were one of the most painful things I have experienced. Yes, right up there with childbirth.

Childbirth was bad in the moment, but I absolutely do believe that something happens to the brain of a woman who has given birth to her that reduces the pain in her memory.

What I find interesting is how childbirth is used as determining how much pain one can tolerate. I have wanted for a long time to get my nose pierced. I am, however, a chicken and petrified of the pain. I’ve been told by more than one person that since I’ve given birth, I should be able to handle it no problemo.

Here’s the thing. Just because I’ve experienced childbirth and the pain it came with, does not make the pain of other experiences any less! All it does is give me a basis for comparison.

What is the worst pain that you’ve experienced?


One thought on “Pain

  1. You are silly. If you get it done right, nose piercing doesn’t hurt. Goofy.

    Worst pain ever…. Hmmmm

    Back labor.

    But the actual giving birth part was kind of a relief from the back labor.

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