Christmas Is Coming

… but it’s not coming for over a month, so if we could please put a cap on decorating until, say, after American Thanksgiving? Living here in Canada, once you pass the Remembrance Day mark it appears to be totally legit to start decorating for Christmas. I have seen Christmas lights up, displays in stores (although Wal-Mart had Christmas stuff up long before even Halloween), and my daughter is coming home singing Christmas songs that she’s learning in school.

People, it is too early for this crap. Give it another few weeks and then Christmas your little hearts out. Starting now just means that in 3-4 weeks, when we’re still 3 weeks away from Christmas, that everybody is sufficiently annoyed with the Christmas songs that they’ve heard on repeat, with the glitter and the sparkle and OH MY GOD the shopping. 

Let’s let Christmas be a 1 month holiday and not an entire fourth of a year, mmk? 


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