No Spending November: Update Whatever

Alright, so we’re just over halfway through the month. In the first week and a bit I had the two flubs totalling about $13.  I went away for the weekend and I actually managed to do really well in that I only spent $11 on my contribution to family dinner.

I have not done nearly so well this last week, sad to say. Here’s what it looked like.

November 12: Spent $10.17 at the grocery store and all but $3 was on not okay stuff. So $7 I shouldn’t have spent.

November 13: Spent $26.62 at the grocery store and $15 of it was on stuff not on the approved list. I bought sausage and pasta sauce to go with pasta I already had as well as soda.

November 14: Spent $30.64 at the grocery store. This one I had to buy toilet paper and kitty litter and I don’t think anybody would tell me I have to go without either of those 2 items. I did spend $9 on pizza that I could have not spent.

November 15: As I’m typing this, I’m realizing my days are off and I had one more grocery trip that included some non necessities that was paid in cash so I don’t recall what the total was. I think it’s safe to say $10 was not approved stuff. I may come back and update this post later with more accurate numbers.

November 16: Spent $19 at the movies for a girls night date that was planned before no spending was in effect so I’m calling it allowed spending.

November 17: Spent $0.

In other words, I basically spent $50 I shouldn’t have. Yuck. However, I need to remember that if I normally spend up to $900 a month on eating out, groceries, and other extras, and all I’ve spent is $63 give or take a few- I’m doing ok.

Now to tighten up the reins again and finish the month strong.


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