5 Things

This is a bit of a crappy post, but I’m tired and inexplicably grumpy so…

5 Things You May Or May Not Already Know About Me

1. If something strikes me as funny and I didn’t expect it, my laugh comes out as a really loud and slightly horrifying cackle.

2. This was apparently new to a dear friend, so probably new to everyone. I hate people watching me sleep. I hate the idea of people seeing me snore or drool or… worse.

3. I only saw Star Trek for the first time last night. Strangely related, until last night I was never able to do the Spock hand thing. That said, I still have to concentrate really hard to get my pinky to stay put.

4. For a long time I thought elbow grease was an actual cleaning product. Yes, my natural hair color is slightly blonde.

5. I can’t roll my r’s. Or curl my tongue.

There be it- 5 pieces of maybe new information for you about yours truly.


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