A Caffeine Love Affair

I’ve never made any effort to hide my complete and total addiction to soda. I will fudge the numbers a bit and maybe minimize how much I drink, but… no longer. I am going to confess to how much and how horrible my habit is as I’m working on trying to fix it. Again. (I’m like a constantly quitting smoker, I swear.)


I drink 6-8 cans of soda EVERY DAY. 

I get headaches when I try to quit – caffeine withdrawal, I’m sure.

I start my morning with a can of soda. My excuse is that I don’t drink coffee.


This month of December is a mission in trying to rid the caffeine habit first so I’ve switched to caffeine free soda. I can have a caffeinated tea once or twice a day to help alleviate the headaches, but other than that, I’m trying to cut the caffeine out. That’s phase one. 

Phase two is going to be cutting down to 4 cans max a day. That will be the goal for January. February I’ll cut it down to 3 cans max a day and my end goal is to do no more than 2 cans a day. Once I get there, if I want to cut it down further to 1 can or cut it out completely, I will evaluate at that point, but for now, 2 cans a day is my end goal. 

It’s so hard to kick this habit. It is absolutely an addiction for me. I need to quit. For my teeth. For my kidneys. To feel better about myself and my daily health. Here goes attempt #1,568,520 to quit/reduce soda. 



One thought on “A Caffeine Love Affair

  1. I know how tough it is; I used to drive 4L or more of Diet Dew per day. I’ve thankfully been able to have a random can once every few days or so, but otherwise am off of it. I no longer HAVE to have it. But it took a very long time. I do feel incredibly better for it. Strength to you! YOU CAN DO THIS.

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